Introducing the 25th Anniversary Edition of New York Times Bestseller "Silent Coup"

silentcoupbookSILENT COUP is the excavation of some vital of some vital hidden history, of a national scandal within a scandal, and of a literary-journalistic atrocity of revealing while concealing.

There are several virtues that make this book quite remarkable among political writing of our era. What follows is a finely styled, fast-paced narrative, gripping as it is disturbing. Distinguished from so much written about Watergate and Richard Nixon, it also happens to be true.

You are about to read the story of a coup d’état, of all political events the most dramatic, suspenseful, sinister. To make the subject even more ominous, this is an American coup, albeit carried out (for a change) in the United States itself.

- Roger Morris, former National Security Council Staff Member under Henry Kissinger

“Silent Coup“ Tapes Reveal Major Woodward “Lie”.

Watch Len Colodny Expose That Woodward Has A “Secret Life”.
Silent Coup Book
"Silent Coup" contains exclusive new material gathered from hundreds of interviews, from still-unreleased government documents, from the complete Oval Office logs of Nixon's presidency, and from a painstaking cross-examination of the books and testimony of the major and minor players in the story. The result is a major revision of history, one that will forever change our understanding of how and why Richard Nixon was forced to resign.

"Silent Coup" is accepted by all shades of the political spectrum.
Len and Russ
Russ Baker
"Who, What, Why" website Author, "Family of Secrets"
Len and Ray
Ray Locker
Enterprise Editor, USA Today Author, "Nixon's Gamble"