How Did I Miss The “Dash”

For years, I helped Phil Stanford as he worked on his book "White House Call Girl". Phil obtained Heidi Rikan's Little Black Books. Yes, there were two of them, filled with pages of sports stars, businessmen, and a few politicians.

The entries I focused on were John and Mo Dean, which included their business and unlisted phone numbers. Included with John and Mo were Jeb Magruder and Maurice Stans, two key members of President Richard Nixon's 1972 campaign committee.

Phil's story and the two address books ratified the "Silent Coup " theory of the Watergate break-in.

Then, about two months ago, while looking for some more information that supported the "Silent Coup " theory, on page 176 of "White House Call Girl, " I saw a Dash – Sam Dash, chief counsel of the Senate Watergate Committee, right next to his unlisted phone number.

Was The Senate Watergate Committee Corrupted????
Did John Dean fix up Sam Dash, chief counsel for the Senate Watergate Committee, with Dean's mob/prostitute friend Heidi Rikan?
Did Dean trade sex to Dash to accept Dean's very flawed testimony?
Why does Dash's name and unlisted phone number appear in Rikan's address book? 
Dash's appearance in the book, along with that of Watergate Committee member Lowell Weicker, R-Conn., raises questions about the independence of the committee and its investigation.

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