Correcting the Historical Record; Giving America Its History Back

28 Historic Photos

The White House inner circle: Henry Kissinger, John Ehrlichman, President Richard Nixon, and H.R. Haldeman.
Nixon and Kissinger often conducted their diplomacy through private rather than official channels
The president, Alexander Haig, and Kissinger were engaged in an intricate dance of egos and ambitions that frequently placed the two advisers at odds
John Mitchell and Nixon
Navy Yeoman Charles Radford
Vice-Admiral Thomas H. Moorer
Admiral Robert O. Welander
Don Stewart
National Security Council
Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein
USS Wright
John Wesley Dean III
Maureen Elizabeth Kane Owen Biner Dean
Phillip Mackin Bailley
John "Jack" Caulfield
Tony Ulasewicz
G. Gordon Liddy
E. Howard Hunt
Jeb Stuart Magruder
Closeup of notebook and key confiscated from Martinez by police
Watergate burglar Eugenio R. Martinez
Alexander Haig, newly appointed White House chief of staff
J. Fred Buzhardt
Alexander Butterfield
Leonard Garment
Richard Nixon, departing the White House and the presidency
discuss Nixon's pardon