The Watergate Break-in: 50 Years Later

View a multitude of panel discussions on a variety of interesting facts from Watergate, told directly by the participants, themselves.

Convened by Dr. Shane O’Sullivan (Kingston School of Art) and Dr. Melissa Graves (Dept of Intelligence and Security Studies, The Citadel)

Garrison – The Journal of History & Deep Politics

Midnight Rider Podcast

Midnight Writer News Episode 158 – S.T. Patrick with Robert Gettlin on “Watergate, Silent Coup, and Len Colodny

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"Countdown to Midnight” with John Wells - Audio Interview, June 14, 2016

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Len Colodny joins S.T. Patrick to discuss Watergate on Episode 003 of the Midnight Writer News Show - The Silent Coup of Richard Nixon

“Midnight Writer News Show Episode 053 – Colodny vs. Woodward on Nixon vs Trump” May 19, 2018

The Intelligence Hour with Kevin Shipp

Host Kevin Shipp and special guest Len Colodny, author of Silent Coup, discuss allegations of false reporting by reporter Bob Woodward, information on the Watergate scandal that was covered up and inconsistencies in Woodward's claims of a deathbed visit with CIA Director William Casey during the Iran Contra Scandal. This is an explosive expose' conducted on the heels of new information coming out about Watergate.

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Bob Woodward & Nixon: The Silent Coup Behind Watergate