Silent Coup Reviews

"Silent Coup is the excavation of some vital hidden history, of a national scandal within a scandal, and of a literary-journalistic atrocity of revealing while concealing. There are several virtues that make this book quite remarkable among political writing of our era. What follows is a finely styled, fast-paced narrative, gripping as it is disturbing. Distinguished from so much written about Watergate and Richard Nixon, it also happens to be true. You are about to read the story of a coup d’tat , of all political events the most dramatic, suspenseful, sinister. To make the subject even more ominous, this is an American coup, albeit carried out (for a change) in the United States itself."
Roger Morris, former National Security Council Staff Member, and author of Richard Milhous Nixon: The Rise of an American Politician

"Gettlin and Colodny's conclusions bring us as close to what actually happened as we are likely to get for some time. The whole story is almost certainly more unsettling than we imagined....takes the foundation of Hougan's SECRET AGENDA and builds on it."
Prof. Herbert S. Parmet, National Review, Nixon Biographer

"...ought to force a major rethinking of all we knew, or thought we knew, about the Watergate scandal...They have illuminated Watergate's darkest corners...In fact, Colodny's and Getllin's documentation puts Woodward's and Bernstein's to shame...future researchers cannot afford to ignore Colodny's and Gettlin's strong evidence."
Jack Kolbe, Phoenix Arizona Gazette

"tantalizing...SILENT COUP represents important historical spadework"
Lauren Wiener, The Detroit News

"A very readable yet detailed book...Before you turn the page away from what must seem preposterous charges, consider that this book is more carefully researched and solidly documented than some more well-received books on Watergate...There is just too much troubling documentation for this book to be dismissed out of hand as some critics have done."
Robert Scheer, The Los Angeles Times

"A very solid piece of sleuthing"
Robert Sherrill, The New York Times

"Modulated in tone and dense in fact, it clearly deserves a respectful hearing, and is pregnant with a wealth of material for both journalism and historians to follow-up"
Doug Ireland, The Village Voice

"An impressive revisionist history"
Prof. James D. Fairbanks, The Houston Chronicle

"Densely packed, tightly woven...SILENT COUP is a reminder that this chapter of history is by no means closed."
Peter Copeland, Scripps-Howard News Service

"With SILENT COUP Len Colodny and Robert Gettlin have destroyed what little plausibility Woodward & Bernstein had"