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FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2018

Interview with Pentagon Spokesperson Jerry Friedheim

by Robert Gettlin - September 25, 1990

Listen to the Interview with Pentagon Spokesperson Jerry Friedheim


And I've discovered that even the Deep Throat, Woodward and Bernstein story leaves a lot of room for further reporting about what was really going on. And-- So obviously, if you're gonna look at what are some of the motives behind, quote Deep Throat, if there was a single person, I don't know that there was a single person, you have to look at Woodward's, you know, military and Navy background. I mean, it leads directly to that, to that point.


Sure. He was definitely there, and he was moving in circles with-- You know, e-- As a junior officer, as a briefer, but obviously it's somebody that they thought was sharp enough to do those things.




He was moving with those guys, Moorer,Haig, the NSC staff, and other military types.



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