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Foreign Policy

Exclusive interview with Len Colodny by Maria Proviryakova of the "Russian International Affairs Council" published October 22, 2012

This is the first part of an exclusive interview for the Russian International Affairs Council with Len Colodny co-author of the book about neocons - "The Forty Years War: the Rise and Fall of the Neocons from Nixon to Obama." In part one, Len Colodny reveals the identity of the father of the neocon movement, Fritz Kraemer; their ideology and principles; and tells how they started influencing U.S. foreign policy.

See Exclusive Interview Part 1

In Part Two, Len Colodny discusses the neocons’ targets, their current perception of Russia, and the expected changes in U.S. foreign policy if Romney had been elected.

See Exclusive Interview Part 2

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